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أنا في لوس أنجلس   *the mountain school of arts (msa^) ‘19     *mfa art, calarts ‘18          
             x                                     *b.arch, american university of beirut ‘11
        (b.1987, san francisco)       things
    currently in -> los angeles
                   other           / syrian-lebanese / first generation american                
          “”           and ]              /
              it’s complicated                         from                                           و                                    


( (email for info on my architecture and design work**) ) 

>>>>>  my works take form as diagram, model, and inter-action to investigate modes of communication and language as tactile material. Everything is touching, but what is between you and me? I’m thinking about ecologies, human and not, vitalities of matter, technology, and geology in ways to re-identify the body, to fall into place, to navigate a shifting world.