bone/cloud navigation, 2018
> installation and activation <
velcro, latex fabric, polyester fiber, glass mirror, plaster cloth, insulation foam, resin, map

Pieces are pulled from the installation and are worn by participants. The flexible tentacle attaches to a bone/cloud mirror, functioning as a screen to walk with. Participants form a network as they navigate in pairs, moving from inside to outside and back. One holds a map to guide and the other holds a mirror device. By looking down, one sees up, collapsing floor and sky. The device makes one a foreigner to their own body and environment, opening up for another way. What must disappear for another to form? What happens when I can’t see my next step, and what other senses can be used to understand my boundaries? In addition to being a relational piece, the work explores cognition and the re-identifying of the human sensorium.